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SAVE UP TO $25 PER DOG* WHEN YOU PURCHASE BRAVECTO BUY... GET A REBATE OF... 2 BRAVECTO chewable tablets for each one of your dogs* $15 per dog* 3 BRAVECTO chewable tablets for each one of your dogs*
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Hey everyone I wanted to share with you guys a review on perfecto and how I was able to buy perfecto online very cheap at a very at a discounted rate and I didn't have to go to any mail-in rebates or anything like that so anyhow so the journey started when of course my dog had please and well my dog gave us please and it was going very crazy so I had to look for a solution and the vet basically recommended bro vector and the vector was pretty new so I was kind of skeptical on whether it would work or not or any like bad effects on it and of course like any medicine they have side effects unfortunately my dog didn't go through any of the side effects once I gave him the perfecto the downside about this is though when I went into the vet it you know of course it costs you like an arm and a leg is actually like fifty to hundred bucks for a check-up and then you have to buy the the medicine had a super market price and I didn't like that so I just looked up online for a solution and basically I went through a couple of websites read a couple of reviews on on their website and I just decided I was going to order from these guys and it's been a couple of years already and they've been pretty good so they've been sending in their products pretty much on time they have pretty much fast delivery so you don't have to wait like months on end and thick I guess if you do so happen to receive a late package you should by email them but I have not received any of those errors from the past two three years I've been a customer with these guys so yeah so if you guys want to check out brevet though if you guys want more information I'll leave a link below this video hopefully my video helps you guys out with making decision all I know is perfecto works and it's pretty safe for my dog but like every dog every dog is different so you should you should probably check out with your own bet and if you guys want to save money just check out the link I'm going to leave out below thanks for watching